【bF005】 湿った犬 “stroll”(カセットテープ[Limited edition of 100])※ダウンロードコード付

【bF005】 湿った犬 “stroll”(カセットテープ[Limited edition of 100])※ダウンロードコード付

¥1,000 税込



shimettainu “stroll” C46 Type II cassette Limited edition of 100 Aside 1.dog eats grilled bird 04:45 2.dog is surrounded by birds 04:18 3.dog hears bird song 05:34 4.dog follows the bird with the eyes 07:18 Bside 5.bird flies over the dog 03:51 6.bird peck at dead dog 03:20 7.bird perched on the sleeping dog 03:22 8.bird intercepts dog food 03:55 9.bird were chirping together with dogs howling 03:39 10.bird take the dog for a walk 03:17 Design by YPY Mastered by Nisikawa Bunsho Release 30 March, 2014 1000yen (inc Download Code)